UEFA Euro 2020, 11 June - 11 July 59 days to go hosted by Europe


Collection of Data

A collection of various statistics mainly about you. This is the hub of the app where most things are collected together to make it easy for you to see everything in one place. Statistics include, player nationality, tournament winner user poll, goal scorers (golden boot), fastest goals, goal counter, UEFA news feed, previous winners, your group and knockout points distribution, all your leagues, the top big leagues, your leaderboard position . . .

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Leagues with lots of members.



Shaunn Arnott 29
Clubfoot 22
~Test 14
Cubaneo 8
1Winner 6
Ooooh yes sir 5
Crombie Halls 5
It's coming home!!! 5
JD Euro League 2020 3
Kooi 3
BVGLeague 3
Last man standing 3
Welsh Dragons 2
Seacoast Maine 2
Chemists Gone Mild 2
Fat Fockers Re-United 2
Euro 70230 2
Profile 1
The Big Boyz 1
JOG Golfers 1